Media & IT Manager

Mwenya Mufalo

Personal Info

Mwenya serves as the Media & I.T Manager for Tonlex Group. Prior to this Mwenya held leadership roles of increasing corporate brand identity with digital marketing and Technology advancements in various groups of companies. Mwenya’s career began as I.T & Media Specialist for Kumapili Hotel and later joined Firefox Tracking, Nakangea Construction & Kafue Grand Resort under Nakashela Group of Companies as the Head of Media & IT. Mwenya holds a Bachelor of Information Technology in Web & Software Development from Northrise University and a Diploma in Information Technology & Programming.

Mr. Mufalo is an individual who is drawn to creative environments. Whether it be brainstorming, planning, administration, technical support, or web and software designing. He finds joy in the process of innovation and development, especially with the end goal of producing meaningful change. His skills, experience, and interests lend me many hats to wear in order to be a key player throughout every process. He enjoy interacting with people, learning new skills, and sharing ideas. He believes that, through interactions, studies, and experiences; he has developed social and technical skills that make me a competent I.T professional.

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